What kind of baby showers do you like? From simple to elaborate or fun to creative, there are so many different baby shower ideas out there. A popular theme is plan the shower around the sex of the new addition. For those that need inspiration for a special baby boy’s shower, I have compiled a list of 10 boy baby shower ideas that offer a mix of classic and modern, traditional blue and bright colors, simple themes and super elaborate. Hopefully, it will spark some imagination and inspiration!


Click the ones that sound interesting, and check out all the pictures for some great ideas!

1. Once in a blue moon

2. Whale Theme

3. Sock Monkey

4. Simple & chic

5. Lil’ Slugger baseball theme

6. Turtle theme 


7. Vintage surf theme

8. Rock Star baby

9. Children’s book theme

10. Little Gentlemen



So many cute ideas with creative and fun details, right? I also like the simplicity of a few of them, as well. The “simple & chic” shower is exactly that: some colors, flowers and a few detailed touches turned the shower venue into something really spectacular!

Author: Sara Wellensiek

One Response to 10 Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

  1. Cool baby shower ideas! I know what to do now for the baby shower that I’m throwing up this coming weekend!